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Speaker Cable Reviews & Testimonials

Speaker Cables

Black Rhodium are proud of the reviews and testimonials that we receive from the HiFi press, our dealers and our end users.

If you wish to comment on any Black Rhodium cable you are using at present, we would love to hear how your equipment has been improved, so please contact us!


"Good Bass"
"Speedy Presentation"
"Quality Construction" 

Against: "NOTHING"

(Hi-Fi World 2017)

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Loudspeaker Cable Of The Year 2016


Audiophile Man Review Click Here

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HI-FI World Review Click Here
HI-FI World Review (PDF)

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"Foxtrots certainly deliver a delightfully open and effortless sound."

        "Imaging and timing are both excellent."

June 2016 - Click Here To Read the Full Review (PDF)

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Black Rhodium Twist Loudspeaker Cable

Hi-Fi Cables

HiFi-Choice-5 STARS



"Beautiffuly designed and so easy on the ear, with a remarkable price."

January 2013 -
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"A classy, high quality cable, providing top quality sound reproduction over all formats and sources."

July 2012

"Twist delivers voice and guitars in a fluid and effortless style... A well thought out cable that delivers a touch of class to budget systems at a very reasonable price"

June 2012 - Click Here To Read the Full Review (PDF)

"I have been using twist speaker cable in my valve based system and it's a sonic bargain! Performance versus price is at either end of a very long scale, thoroughly recommended!"

David Brook, Mains Cables R US - Huddersfield

“Twist: Again incredible balanced and insightful listen at and above it’s price point, never bright and aggressive, always well timed and well spaced – able to allow the emotion and colours of the music through without having to break the bank. Sits in our Electrocompaniet Prelude / Meridian Sooloos MC200 / B&W 805 Diamond system comfortably and never embarrassing itself (looking forward to the Super Twist as this would be the logical price point for the above system). Good stuff!”

Sam Lowe, Phase 3 Southampton

"Treble reproduction seems more reasoned and less shrill, with bass notes developing better and sounding beefier than the popular veteran...

"Many buyers are happy with a good set of budget cables and, in my system at least, The Black Rhodium Twist deserve to be described as just that"

Jake, HI-FI Pig
April 2012 - Click Here To Read the Full Review (External Link)

“We tried the twist cable in a large system playing through the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond speakers.

“There were some notable improvements over the existing cable, a cable costing 5 times as much. The midrange and top-end were more integrated, more together, but without any loss of inner detail.

“The overall effect provided a sound that was more natural and comfortable to listen to, without compromising any openness or soundstaging. Couple the stunning audio performance with the high quality feel of the cable and it's difficult to not see the Twist as one of the best hi-fi bargains around.”

Robert Hoyle, Audiovation

“I tried the twist cable with a Naim Nait XS and a Naim CD5 XS running Focal 816W-SE speakers.

“I began testing the cable with other brands of cable around the same level and was very impressed at the quality that the twist was offering, it was much superior to the cables that were supposed to be on the same level.

“I then began to set the system up with other cable brands that would have been on a much higher level. After over an hour of comparing the twist cable I was very pleased to hear that there was little or no difference between the twist and cables on a higher level.

“This is a good quality cable which punches well above its weight for its price and delivers a good quality sound. The high frequencies are crisp and the low level frequencies are delivered on a strong level.”

Steve, Rayleigh Hi-Fi - Chelmsford

“Thanks for sending a pair of Twist speaker cables.

“We have tried these on several systems and are very impressed with its performance.

"It has  a very detailed sound with a very good bass response for such a light and flexible cable.

“We will now use this on our install and budget system as it is proving very popular with customers we have auditioned it to.

“An excellent cable at an affordable price.”

Derek Rapkin, H.G. Rapkin - Northampton

"I got the delivery 2 days ago and already have mounted the Twist and after  some short tests and for sure it is a great cable with an incredible price!"

Marius Ciobanu, Neo Max SRL - Italian Distributor of Black Rhodium
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Black Rhodium Jive Loudspeaker Cable Made in England

jive HiFi World Best Interconnect Award


"The tone is well judged and nicely balanced offering insight but without heading towards sharpness, and the impressively weighty bass, and a lilting natural rhythm, mark this out at very special at the price."

"Jive. . . makes the most of modest amplifiers and speakers without pushing either into stridency"
HIFI WORLD, August 2009

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T90 Diva

Black Rhodium T90 Speaker Cable

  "...High treble is clean, if not remarkably extended and we really enjoyed the lightness of string quartets, guitar ballads and suchlike.

Detail is fair for a cable at this price and imaging is sharp and precise..."



Jive BiWire

Black Rhodium Jive Loudspeaker Cable Made in England


"Well integrated treble and midrange, whilst bass is firm and detailing capable."

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Black Rhodium Twirl Loudspeaker Cable

Twirl and Symphony Cable Hi-Fi Choice

(reviewed with rhodium plated Z plugs)

"A balanced presentation with delightful tonal accuracy, the Twirl is a worthy system upgrade"
HIFI WORLD, February 2013

"Vice-Like grip on the bass which seems able to start and stop as fast as an LED.  This makes it enormous fun to listen to, yet never fatiguing.  Factor in a nice, crisp airy bass treble and it is sure to prove very popular indeed"
HIFI CHOICE, June 2013

"This loom is well received by the panel. It presents a generally powerful sound that is large in scale.  It proves quite distinctive tonally, with the bass being a major facet of what makes its sound so good – its power, roundness and timbre is remarked upon by the panellists."
HI-FI Choice, August 2014 - (Reviewed alongside Symphony Stereo Interconnect)

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Black Rhodium Jive Loudspeaker Cable Made in England


“ didn’t sound too shabby at all; there is an immediacy to it, which translates into plenty of energy and life and a body to the sound that gives it good presence in the room. The low frequencies are muscular”

Issue 98

"The sound is clean, crisp, detailed with plenty of depth and not even the slightest hint of harshness. Samba really is an exceptional cable. Do not let the price put you off – this cable genuinely does compete with cable costing many times more. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you try Black Rhodium Samba I guarantee you will buy it!"

Donald Pirie, Musicarch -

"Offering a clear midrange with tight and efficient bass, the Samba is a refined speaker cable."

HIFI WORLD, February 2013

"Black Rhodium have done it again, building on the success of their twist loudspeaker cable, the Samba uses the same “twisted” configuration but instead utilizes heavy gauge silver plated copper wires and thicker insulation, the result is breathtaking.

"Graham Nalty the owner of Black Rhodium has responded to recent developments in the hi-fi cable industry by producing a wonderfully open sounding cable, bass extension has to be heard to be believed, overall a true heavyweight in the speaker cable world and made in the UK. It makes me proud to be British!"

David Brook, MCRU -

“Very impressive and wide sound stage and good imaging. High level of detail across the frequency range with extended tight bass and smooth top end. My taste is classical and with the combination of Musical Fidelity Amp/CD and PMC Twenty Series speaker cables performed very well in my opinion.”

“New style locking banana plugs are a boon to ensure rock solid contact with amp &Speaker terminals. Good upgrade for home system”

David Brown, Technosound -

"The Samba is an extremely good all round cable with I suspect, an ability to fit into just about any system. It has a refined treble, nicely open mid-range and deep, tight, extended bass. It has a good level of coherence for the price with a nicely presented sound-stage. Worth the outlay, You bet!

"Oh, one final point. The Rhodium plated locking banana connectors provide an extremely tight connection and are of superb quality. If you buy this cable, ensure you get the Rhodium connectors, they are essential."

Stuart Mackenzie, Mackenzie Hi-Fi -

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> Download Hi-Fi World Review

> Download Hi-Fi+ Review (PDF)

Samba VS-1

Black Rhodium Jive Loudspeaker Cable Made in England

Samba VS-1

“. . very open, clean and expansive image.”

“The cable comes across as very neutral with a hint of extra treble extension. .”

“Bass control is excellent and highly tuneful. . .”

“. .it’s the ‘see through’ quality of the stereo image that feels most special here.”

“Stevie’s lush organ notes, rich vocals, funky bass rifts and explosive rim shots are all beautifully layered in a highly transparent and very wide sound stage.”

“. . . the Samba easily makes sense of the pile driving bass riff, thunderous drums, searing electric buzz-sawing vocals, enabling previously unappreciated acoustic guitars and congas to come through cleanly.”

“. . it works brilliantly with stripped out material.”

“It almost seems to gently aid the contrast of your music, enabling midband detail and vocals in particular to press slightly forward out of the mix, while deeper bass and the gaps between the notes take a step backwards.”

“Silences subjectively seem a little darker but no detail is lost.”

“ . . .this added level of contrast enables fine details around the decay of notes to ebb away much more convincingly.”

“This cable performs even stronger with valve amplification.’

“The quality of the midband communication comes nto its own and the extended treble detail and bass control lend support where most needed with valves.”

“The Samba VS-1 is ideally suited to orchestral music and classical fans will appreciate its ability to tease out complex layers of rich instrumentation.”

“. . it is equally at home with more intimate music where the perceived low distortion enables subtle voices and acoustic instruments to communicate their full emotional content.”

Chris Ward, HI-FI Choice
January 2015

> Download Hi-Fi Choice Review (PDF)

Duet DCT++
With Crystal Sound

Black Rhodium Duet Speaker Cable

Duet DCT++ CS Single Wire

Black Rhodium Duet Speaker Cable

Duet DCT++ CS BiWire

“Compared to many high end cables whose bulk and rigidity (or fragility) seem contrived to make their installation as arduous as possible, Black Rhodium's Duet DCT++ CS is a positive joy to hook up.  But while the cable is unusually 'bendable' its sound has real spine - its bass powerful and robust while the treble is smooth rather than incisive or biting.  Certainly one for the shortlist, the Duet's warm quality is suited to sharp sounding systems.”

Paul Miller, HI-FI News
March 2015.

> Download Hi-Fi News Review (PDF)

> Download Audiophileman  Review


Gladiator DCT++

Black Rhodium Gladiator DCT++ Loudspeaker Cable


"The cable that can bring in a vital spark into the sound of slightly damped or too accurate systems."

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Black Rhodium ACT 1 Speaker Cable


“The cable is very natural and expansive and is very good value.”
Mike Statham of Zouch Audio

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Black Rhodium Rumba


"Bass lines were faithfully reproduced.. . Midrange and soundstaging were very good and acoustic instruments gained real body and image."

" . . lively and communicative."

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Black Rhodium Tango Loudspeaker Cable


". . it was magic - true 'big audio dynamite'. . .. . One of the best that I have heard at the price and is now an automatic recommendation."

" . .we'd have to admit enjoying it, especially with small speakers. The good thing is that control is barely compromised, so there's still plenty of insight into what is happening in those lower octaves."

"There's an attractive openness about the sound, and high frequencies stay refined even when egged on by rough recordings or bright sources."

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Tango BiWire

Black Rhodium Tango BiWire Loudspeaker Cable


"Treble is clear and well extended . . . . precise with good tonality. Stereo imaging is pin sharp laterally. . . . Overall the sound strikes a nice balance between musical enjoyment and analytical precision."


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Black Rhodium Salsa Loudspeaker Cable


"This made for a full on rockin' performance of 'The Chain', the kick drum of Mick Fleetwood's kit combining with John McVie's bass to rattle our chest cavities. Brass and woodwind didn't appear lacking in any leading edge detail, with good resolution of subtle reverberation details and ambiance clues."

". . nicely detailed and extended treble. . . subtlety and good natural vocals."

" hello there,
just a quick line to say how pleased I am with the Salsa cables I ordered a couple of weeks ago. They were ordered through Audio-T in Swansea who were excellent. almost instantly they were plugged into my set up I knew I'd made the right choice."
Frank Bush (End User),
February 2010.

  Black Rhodium Salsa HiFi News Highly Commended
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Ninja DCT++

Black Rhodium Ninja DCT++ Cable


"Stunningly fast, incisive and transparent.. . . .and boasts a massively articulated bass performance with firecracker dynamics."

"..... this cable should be supplied on the National Health because the sheer pleasure its brings will benefit your overall health far more than anything a doctor can prescribe."
Mike Statham of Zouch Audio, the very first dealer to order a Ninja DCT++

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