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HDMI Cable Reviews & Testimonials


Black Rhodium are proud of the reviews and testimonials that we receive from the HiFi press, our dealers and our end users.

If you wish to comment on any Black Rhodium cable you are using at present, we would love to hear how your equipment has been improved, so please contact us!


Black Rhodium Sapphire with Ethernet HDMI 1.4 Cable Lead


"I hope you’re fine, I'm fine fortunately and enjoying thru the JET HDMI High Speed Cable the Blu Rays and DVDs.

"Really this Cable is a Missile (a war Rocket).

"Images are much more clear and detailed I can see details that never before with another HDMI High Speed cable nor Component cable that was my preference untill I've connected the JET. 

"Now I prefer the JET HDMI.

"The images with movement as say "Sports" are very VERY more detailed and precise, without misplaced colours and other defects images could have.

"When I'm viewing Tennis I can see the greater difference, but too with football, basketball, and so with racing cars within a run.

"When the greater the velocity the greater the difference.

"The contrast is very notorious with superb better black threshold and perhaps greatness the bright level with a significant difference; it is here where JET make the GREATER difference.

"At Taylor Swift DVD called "Speak now" is incredible more clear and detailed image and sound and so with all the other Blu Ray and DVDs I have, all seems to be REDISCOVERED with other level in quality aspect ( later I will tell You all the Blu Rays and DVDs used for this Test )

"CONGRATULATIONS, it is one more NEW GOAL from Black Rhodium.

"And THANK to You and Black Rhodium for let us better enjoy all the Music and Videos.


Celso Freytes (End user from Argentina),
April 2012.

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Sapphire HiSpeed with Ethernet

Black Rhodium Sapphire HiSpeed HDMI Cable Lead

" . . impressed by its ability to uncover extra levels of detail, not only in light scenes, but also in darker shots."
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Green x 3 

Black Rhodium Green Component Video Cable

  " . . Black Rhodium Green delivers a great image, providing exceptional clarity.  Colours are vivid, even the brightest reds and orange hues."

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