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Digital & SubWoofer Interconnect 
Reviews & Testimonials

Digital and Subwoofer Interconnects

Black Rhodium are proud of the reviews and testimonials that we receive from the HiFi press, our dealers and our end users.

If you wish to comment on any Black Rhodium cable you are using at present, we would love to hear how your equipment has been improved, so please contact us!


Black Rhodium Rhythm Digital and Subwoofer Cable


"This is a tight, fast-sounding cable with crisp clarity, whether used in music and home cinema applications. The bass is powerful and there is an absence of any sense of muddling.

This is an affordable cable with great sound."
WHAT HIFI? *****

  What HiFi 5 Star

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Black Rhodium Rondo Digital SubWoofer Interconnect Cable Lead

  "There's no shortage of detail, and the Rondo is capable of subtle atmospherics."
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